Dues and Membership

Join or renew your National, Local and Life Memberships. If you are a Subscribing Life Member, you may choose the amount you'd like to pay from the dropdown selector in the Subscribing Life Member cart. Subscription payments begin at $100.00. 

Annual Membership

  1. National (Annual) dues are $50.00 and automatically generated upon selecting Annual from the dropdown.
  2. You may opt out of Local dues by selecting Non-Local from the list of chapters. (second dropdown)  Note:  Voting eligibility requires that members are financial at National and Local levels.


Fully Paid Life Members joining a Local Chapter

  1. If you are a current Life Member, and you are joining a local chapter, Select Life Member  (-$50.00) from the first dropdown.  
  2. Then select the Chapter from the next dropdown.


Subscribing Life Members are required to pay Local and National dues, while subscribing, in order to be eligible to vote in National elections.

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1 - 5 of 5 items